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Our Focus

Our world class engineering, equipment and support is what makes us the global leader for botanical extraction and refinement equipment. MACH can provide stand alone pieces of equipment or design and manufacture complete facility build outs for a single source, engineered solution.

Our Equipment

MACH Technologies engineers and manufactures equipment and technology for nearly every solvent based and solventless extraction process for botanical extraction. We offer strict compliance packages for UL, CE, IECEX, and cGMP

Engineered Extraction Systems

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Our Equipment, Technology & Solutions

MACH Technologies engineers and manufactures world class equipment for solvent based and solvent-less extraction and refinement solutions.

Ethanol Extraction Equipment

Ethanol Extraction Equipment



Distillation Equipment

Distillation Equipment



Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment



Solventless Terpene Equipment

Solventless Terpene Distillation Equipment



TSS-300 ISO-blu

Solventless Ice Water Trichome Separation Equipment

Mobile Containerized Units

Modular Enclosures

Modular Class 1 Division 1 &
Class 1 Division 2 Enclosures

Mobile Containerized Units

Mobile Enclosures

Mobile Containerized Class 1 Division 1 & Class 1 Division 2 Units

Analytical Testing Equipment

Analytical & Testing Equipment and Buildouts



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