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Wiped Film Distillation System


MACH Technologies' Wiped Film Distillation System is a comprehensive piece of equipment with a variety of features and specifications. The evaporator offers 0.3m3 of surface area, and the feed tank has a 20-liter capacity. The system is equipped with gear pumps for feed and discharge, controlled by HMIspeed, and also includes a rotary vane vacuum pump with a booster. There are dual cold traps, with the primary being a dry ice trap and the secondary being a MACH automated LN2 cold trap, providing superior pump protection and vacuum depth. The system's operation is controlled via a full-color touchscreen, allowing the user to manage heater/chiller parameters, pump speeds, and evaporator wiped basket rotation speed. For remote troubleshooting and assistance, the system includes a MACH Remote Support Module (MRSM). The MACH Evaporator Quick Lift System facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning by allowing the evaporator to be lifted and lowered. The unit's dimensions are 75" L x 34.5" W x 91" H (79.25" high with the motor removed), and it requires 230V/3PH/60Hz electrical input and specific connections for liquid nitrogen, ventilation, and Ethernet, all of which are to be provided by the customer.



Single Stage, 0.15 M3 of surface area



Single Stage, 0.30 M3 of surface area



Single Stage, 0.40 M3 of surface area


WFDS-2S-0.4 front

Dual Stage, 0.30 M3 of surface area


WFDS-2S-0.4 front

Dual Stage, 0.40 M3 of surface area


WFDS-2S-0.4 front

Dual Stage, 0.60 M3 of surface area

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