Automated Solvent Recovery

MACH ASR Series Automated Solvent Recovery System

The MACH Technologies Automated Solvent Recovery series is a high efficiency, high throughput solvent recovery system specifically designed for the hemp and cannabis industry. The system takes the incoming ethanol/oil stream from either a previous ethanol extraction process or a winterization process and produces two output streams which are (1) recovered ethanol and (2) concentrated oil. The MACH ASR is a complete turnkey setup which includes an ethanol/oil incoming buffer holding tank, complete solvent evaporation & condensing columns, automatic controls for system temperature, pressure, fluid levels, along with automated discharge of recovered ethanol and concentrated oil via specialized, variable speed drive sanitary pumps.

10-00-10456 FRONT
Up to 20 GPH Continuous Recovery
Bulk Ethanol Removal up to 98% Ethanol Recovery from Inlet Stream
Fully Automated Operation
Complete Turnkey Solvent Recovery System
MACH Technologies ASR-20 Solvent Recovery System


MACH Technologies 60 GPH


Ancillary Equipment Included

Heating System
Vacuum Pump

Additional Equipment for a Turnkey Setup

Cryogenic Extraction (EES-X-1800)
Decarboxylation (DS-5050)

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