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MACH Technologies is focused on developing cutting edge technologies, processes, and equipment for botanical extraction. Our engineered systems are designed with safety, efficiencies, throughput, and ease of use in mind. Our team of mechanical, electrical, controls, and chemical engineers ensure our equipment and processing systems are the latest technology, and we are driven by innovation.


Engineered Extraction Systems

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MACH Technologies EES-X-900 Turnkey System


The EES Series is our flagship, fully automated cryogenic ethanol extraction system. These are turnkey systems, and are the most eficient, automated, easy to use systems available.



The M Series are stand alone specialty pieces of equipment for various stages in the extraction process including ethanol chilling, extraction, filtration, solvent recovery, decarboxylation & more.

Complete End to End Extraction Facilities

MACH Technologies provides customers with a complete end to end extraction facility buildout for a fast and compliant setup. Our team of experts will configure your MACH system based on your criteria for throughut, desired end product, available space, and desired level of automation. Let our team take the guess work and headaches out of equipment selection and facility buildouts!

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Vertically Integrated USA Manufacturing & Engineering

MACH Technologies proudly engineers and manufactures all our equipment and technology in the United States. We use certified & traceable materials, have intensive quality control systems in place, and guarantee every piece of equipment we ship to surpass our MACH Quality Inspection.

Modular Equipment To Grow With Your Business

Our modular approach allows facilities to start small, and grow and increase capacity as needed, very simply. With capacities starting at 10 LBS per day, and going up to 40,000+ LBS per day, we can provide the complete turnkey solution. Our modular platform allows customers to scale easily, efficiently, and as they need with growth, with MACH Technologies by their side every step of the way.

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MACH Technologies EES-X-900 Turnkey System