MHES Hydrocarbon

MACH Hydrocarbon Extraction System

The MACH Technologies MHES system is a specialized hydrocarbon extraction system. The MACH MHES unit designed with ASME code stamped vessels designed to be able to run 100% propane, 100% butane, or a blend. The MACH system is fully engineered and manufactured in Michigan. The unit offers and oversized solvent holding and collection tank to allow for an industry leading solvent to flower ratio (10:1) to produce a superior output product with up to 95% extraction efficiency. The MACH MHES is industry leading when it comes to solvent ratio ability, passive recovery rates, and manufacturing quality. The MACH passive recovery system means no expensive pumps to purchase or maintain and no moving parts for a lower total cost of ownership.

MACH Technologies' MHES hydrocarbon extraction system


MACH Technologies' MHES hydrocarbon extraction system, which is all-in-one/closed-loop.

Model: MHES-20

Capacity: Up to 20 LBS

Includes: Integrated CRC with optional bypass, integrated falling film for efficient solvent recovery, and are fully passive with the MACH rapid rechill system and enlarged vapor paths to maximize recovery efficiencies


MACH Technologies' MHES hydrocarbon extraction system

Model: MHES-5

Capacity: Up to 5 lbs

10:1 Solvent Ratio for Full Cannabinoid Extraction
Passive Recovery with Enlarged Vapor Path
5 Lbs per Batch
ASME Code Stamped Vessels
Rated for 100% Propane, 100% Butane, or Blend
Ultra-low Extraction Temperatures Available Due to Specialized Double Jacketed Tanks
Complete Frame Mounted System for a Robust and Safe Operation
Additional Available Ancillary Equipment Includes
Vacuum Ovens
Specialized Filtration

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